Our Aqua Cast GLOW eco resin starter kit contains everything you need to create lots of beautiful, decorative castings


Our Aqua Cast Eco Resin has taken another exciting turn and can now become night art! This new kit includes the latest photo-luminescent technology in the form of glow-in-the-dark shards. Simply use the glow with Aqua Cast to create fun glow coasters, pots, candle holders, etc, your imagination is the limit! In our images, we have added the glow shards to the mould before pouring Aqua Cast over the top, let it dry and demould, how easy! Each kit contains a 3kg of Aqua Cast Eco-Resin and 250g of Glow-in-the-dark shards. More information on the glow technology can be found here.

It's so easy to create beautiful homewares with Eli-Chem Aqua Cast eco resin, resi-TINT Acrylic tints and resi-TINT MAX Neon powders. Simply follow the step by step instructions and get creative.

The Aqua Cast GLOW Kit contains:-

  • 1 x 3kg Aqua Cast eco pouch 
  • 1 x 250g bag of Lumi-Stone Gravel in your choice of colour, simply select the colour from the list of options.


  Drying time    Demould in 60-90 minutes
  For maximum cured strength 24-48 hours
  Mix ratio   100 : 35 (2.8 : 1) e.g. 100g of powder to 35g of water 
  Pot Life   10-15 minutes @ 23°C
  Shelf life   Indefinite when kept dry in storage



Adding colour
Use any water based pigment e.g. resi-TINT acrylic inks, acrylic paints or mica powders, e.g. resi-TINT MAX Neon Powder. 

Any solid can be added, sand, mica, quartzite, dried shards of Aqua Cast etc.

Mixing the powder

The desired viscosity & consistency can be controlled to suit the application. Alterations to the guide powder to water ratio will affect the product performance, particularly in terms of drying time. Measure the desired amount of water, add the corresponding quantity of powder gradually during mixing. For example:

  • 100g powder to 35g/ml water
  • 150g powder to 52g/ml water
  • 200g powder to 70g/ml water
  • 300g powder to 105g/ml water
  • 500g powder to 175g/ml water

  • Use the handy online calculator tool on this page, all you need to know (or calculate), is the volume of your mould in grams or millilitres.

    Mix by hand or with an electric mixing blade for 2-4 minutes until uniform and smooth. Add pigments at the mixing stage to obtain the desired colour shade. The mixed solution will rapidly become creamy and lump free, tap the mixing container to help remove trapped air. 


    Arrange the glow gravel over the surface of the mould.

    Immediately pour Aqua Cast over the gravel and allow to settle. Any residual bubbles can be popped by agitating or tapping the mould. Allow to harden for 60-90 minutes before demoulding (temperature and mix ratio dependent). Allow to dry for 24-48 hours to build cured strength.

    Aqua Cast Technical Data Sheet PDF

    Aqua Cast Safety Data Sheet PDF


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    Aqua Cast Eco Resin Starter Kit GLOW

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